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Open Eyes. Open Minds.

Strong yet calm. Powerful yet understated. ic! berlin embodies inner strength and progress. For independent minded people who think forward and move ahead.

We create the finest quality hand-made eyewear for those who value individuality over conformity.

Our brand was born and raised in Berlin — a truly diverse and inspiring city with an unyielding spirit. Where people enjoy an open, free, and authentic scene. From infamous night life and alternative neighborhoods to high-tech startups and creative culture: Our understated, minimalist design language is at home in this environment. Our reduced focus on the essential details projects an individual sense of style. Instead of following trends, we create new ones. We focus on subtle design codes — like our signature, no-screw hinge, designs, and urban aesthetics.

Our Vision

We create the finest quality hand-made eyewear for those who value individuality over conformity.

Our Mission

We strive for a more essential world. A world that is not dictated by fast fashion, but by individual style and lasting quality and design.

We are ic! berlin.

We are a global group of designers, craftsmen, engineers, and thinkers. And most of all, we are naturally curious. Together, from inside our intelligent industrial space in Berlin, we produce eyewear art: with forms and shapes that stand the test of time; in a design language that deeply resonates with authentic living; for people who value the beauty of handmade craftsmanship.

We are German engineered. We are Berlin pioneered. And true to our roots, we take a bold look at the world with our very own eyes. Just like the diverse, eclectic individuals who pursue their vision with our eyewear:

Artist. Cyclist.

Architect. String quartet.

Recreationist. Exhibitionist.

Engineer. Queer.

White collar. Blue collar. Leather collar.

Pick up an original, finely crafted piece of eyewear from any of our hand-designed collections. You’ll experience what eyewear can truly be: robust, lightweight frames with no-screw hinges and clean lines.

Which is why ic! berlin is more than something you wear. It is something you are.