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Kerl Eyewear and ic! berlin are joining forces.

ic! berlin and Kerl Eyewear

Be excited for a future that combines the best of the worlds of ic! berlin and Kerl Eyewear.

Integrated into the ic! berlin team, the founders of Kerl Eyewear are working together on the future of FLEXARBON®. The previous products of Kerl Eyewear will no longer be offered. Spare parts can be ordered via the customer service of ic! berlin.

Carbon Eyewear from Kerl Eyewear

About Kerl Eyewear

Kerl Eyewear was founded in 2014 by the two engineers Dr. Jaromir Ufer and Dr. Johannes Dillinger. With a passion for materials, digital technologies and product design, the team developed an innovative carbon eyewear frame based on their proprietary FLEXARBON® technology. The product was launched in 2017 together with eyewear designer and optician Markus Moser. The Kerl carbon eyewear is not only extremely lightweight, but also very flexible and as a result offers outstanding comfort.

Jörg Reinhold, CEO ic! berlin

“We are very excited to have Kerl Eyewear and its technologies on board of ic! berlin.”

Dr. Jaromir Ufer, Founder & CEO of Kerl Eyewear, CIO ic! berlin

“By combining the strengths of ic! berlin and Kerl Eyewear, we can create a whole new generation of high-end eyewear.”