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The Optical Collection ’23

Unlocking your true style with ic! berlin.

As individuals, we all have unique preferences and desires. It’s a breath of fresh air to discover products and brands that align with your personal values. ic! berlin understands this need for individuality and offers eyewear that is both contemporary and classic in appearance while ensuring comfortability and high-quality craftsmanship are not sacrificed.

The designs of ic! berlin’s new Optical collection combine modern and classic elements for a refined look that will captivate your senses. The progressive minimalism concept is embodied in each piece, with subtle-to-strong colors and soft shapes perfectly accentuated by targeted placement. These stunning pieces are sure to turn heads.

Experience a world of contemporary elegance, gentle curves and vibrant it’s time to upgrade your individual look and make a statement that will leave everyone in awe!

You’ll never be caught unprepared with the collections’ six fresh unisex models for every possible occasion.

With an unwavering focus on intricate detailing and utmost comfort, this collection is the ultimate go-to for those seeking glasses that are both smart and functional. After all, it’s the most intimate accessory you can own.

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