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The Mercedes-Benz Collection ’23

Precision craftsmanship. Ingenious design. Two leading German brands bring you excellence in engineering with individual flair.

A pair of glasses that are an extension of your individual style and make your personality shine. That is exactly what every pair of glasses that originate from the collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and ic! berlin aims to do.. More than protection for your eyes, each frame stands for a unique blend of elegance and quality – adapted to your taste.
Through meticulous design and selection of materials, the brand has ensured these pieces reflect the freedom that their customers demand. But more than that – give individuals the freedom to showcase their personalities with a piece of art they’ll enjoy wearing every day.


The collection features a range of designs for men and women, including models aimed at women as part of the “She’s Mercedes” initiative. The MB 11 and MB 12 models in particular are a great choice for women who want to make a fashion statement whilst promoting female empowerment.
The contrast between strong edges and sensual purity in their design language is inspiring.

The overall look of the collection is smart business, perfect for modern people who lead fast-paced lives. The subtle colors and iconic shapes of the sunglasses can be worn with both casual and formal outfits.

The MB Shield 03 and MB 16

The collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and ic! berlin has already produced an impressive range of sporty-elegant eyeglasses and sunglasses. Now, Mercedes-Benz is expanding its eyewear collection with three exquisite models.

MB 13

MB 14

MB 15

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