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Combining our expertise in the manufacturing of stainless steel with our drill for innovation, we are happy to present you our new series Pure Elements featuring metal rings.

Revisiting our raw and pure heritage, we are adding metal rings on our metal sheet frames.

The metal rings come in different colors and add volume to the frames for a harmonized, luxurious and pure eyewear design.

Named after the tough, unpredictable metallic elements of the periodic table, each frame is designed with clean lines and reflects the characteristics of all our ic! berlin collections: unique lightness and flexibility.

Extravagant, intricate, and strong sun styles Molybdenum and Ferrum include a detailed linear etching pattern on the metal rings.

The series is being completed with the pure and contemporary prescription models Nitrogen, Chromiumand Silicon, as well as a small panto Carbon. All models feature rough metal textured aesthetic found in colorway Graphite-Rough.

This strong and masculine series is designed for people who value unique craftsmanship in the purest of materials and the love of details and innovation.

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