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ic! berlin x Studio Sebastian Herkner

An inside look into the collaborative eyewear collection by ic! berlin and Studio Sebastian Herkner.

The ic! berlin x Studio Sebastian Herkner Capsule Collection consists of four unisex models, two prescription glasses and two sunglasses, each available in three different colors. Essential design attributes of this high-end collection are extravagant forms, the skillful use of different materials as well as the patented ic! berlin screwless hinge system, manufactured by hand in Berlin.

“My design approach is to combine old crafting techniques with new technologies. This perfect synergy is also excellently reflected in ic! berlin itself,” explains the 38-year-old. “The idea behind our joint collection was to showcase diversity and to create different styles, connected by an elegant and modern use of high-quality materials and unexpected surfaces.”

The eyewear models of ic! berlin x Studio Sebastian Herkner Capsule Collection are named after iconic locations and buildings in Berlin, which for Mr. Herkner exemplify the German capital and its architectural diversity. The four models are therefore named “Avus”, “Bellevue”, “Hansa” and “Dahlem”.

This is how Sebastian described the collaboration:


How did this collaboration come about?

I met the team of ic! berlin like 2 years ago at their offices and workshops in berlin. For me it was from the beginning of the collaboration a very exciting adventure. Working in eyewear is a completely new topic and an interesting challenge for me and my team.

What was your creative vision for this capsule collection?

Normally we work in the field of furniture and lighting design, here we had the chance to think in another scale, something much closer to the human body. This got my interest and my idea was to bring my experience to the world of eyewear.

How and where is your design aesthetics reflected in the design language and materials of the frames?

My design approach is about working with crafts and combine them with new technologies. this is a perfect match I saw also at ic! berlin. I like to work with materials and colors, surface and finishes, finding new combinations and characters. I wanted to add this approach to my first collection of eyewear.

How was it for you to design glasses for the first time, and how did you feel about working with the ic! berlin design team?

At the beginning there is the amazing technology and principle of the ic! eyewear. I think this is very unique and is still pioneering like their hinge. It is a very specialist and international team with various backgrounds, which makes it easy to collaborate with. We had a common vision already from the first meeting where we want to go together and to evolve the brand further.

What is special about the collection?

The idea was to show the diversity and to create different characters but connected with an elegant and modern use of materials and finishes.

Which model is your favourite and why?

I really felt in love with Bellevue, a very unique frame with beautiful color ways.

Tell us about the names of the models. Do the names have a special meaning for you?

We wanted to have names which I have in mind thinking about Berlin and its diversity in architecture f.e. like Avus, Bellevue, Hansa and Dahlem.

How does it feel to be Designer of the year?

Maison & Objet Paris selected us as Designer of the Year 2019. It is a huge honor and shows the interest in our design language and philosophy.

Can you tell us anything about your upcoming projects?

We are always working on exciting projects in various typologies with our long-term clients. Design is the best way to express myself, it is my of communication.