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ic! berlin – Style. Made in Germany.

Every frame is dedication to create the finest eyewear in the world, Made in Germany.

ic! berlin believes in creating exceptional eyewear.

Committed to producing high-quality hand-crafted frames with an uncompromising dedication to detail. Using innovative production methods that have been developed over decades in the pursuit of perfection. Every frame is an embodiment of the passion and dedication to create the finest eyewear in the world, Made in Germany.

Simply, be yourself.

Style that is an extension of your individualism. Don’t be labelled, be empowered, with exceptional design that simply lets you be yourself. Uncomplicated aesthetics and carefully considered forms combined with high-quality materials make each frame uniquely crafted for progressive individuals. Style that embodies comfort, something that you can experience effortlessly and authentically.

Set your own standards.

ic! berlin - Style. Made in Germany.

Passion for Quality.

Our product is made in Germany. Engineered and manufactured in Berlin by a team of experts, all with the drive to hand craft high quality eyewear. Modern manufacturing processes have been developed over 25 years, using innovative technologies and tooling systems that are unique to ic! berlin. The precision and time given to each process is beyond compare, leaving mass manufactured eyewear behind. This dedication to the production of an ic! berlin frame is what we are proud of and want to share with you.

The pursuit of perfection.

A design philosophy that uses the simple yet effective notion that less is more. No screws or glues are used in the construction of our frames. ic! berlin eyewear is reduced to all the essential functional elements allowing the design language to speak fluently. The visual impact is clean, pure and uncomplicated.

Engineered to last.

By utilizing the highest quality materials, the frames are incredibly durable. Lightweight on the face providing effortless usability and uncompromising comfort for the wearer. Unique product features allow for easy adjustment, using simple methods to tailor the fit universally. Eyewear you have confidence in, with a unique set of interlocking components they will never let you down under pressure.

Hinge technologies.

ic! berlin’s DNA was founded in metal and has evolved through our understanding of its properties. The collection features a range of hinge systems in different sizes, using screwless, rivetless and glueless constructions in sheet metal. This innovative and unique approach results in our hinges being some of the most durable and reliable used in the eyewear industry.

The difference is in the details.

Mindful of our choices, only the finest materials and treatments are chosen to create an ic! berlin frame. Each process has been perfected over time to ultimately achieve everlasting quality and stability. We source and work with the highest quality stainless steel, titanium and acetate, applying innovative production methods and environmentally friendly surface finishing technologies. Our high-performance lenses are sourced in Europe from the leading companies in the optical industry.

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