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Experience the original that paved the way for a new generation of eyewear: entirely made from flexible stainless steel sheet, with hinges that have no screws. Reinterpreted classics. Modern designs. Classic is for purists seeking unique, understated eyewear.

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Berlin to the core.

At ic! berlin, we believe in responsible sourcing. That’s why we build our eyewear collections around a sustainable core. Cold-rolled stainless steel from Germany. Beta titanium from Japan. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they adhere to our standards. We recycle all of our leftover materials in a responsible, sustainable way. We also use fewer material resources wherever possible. It’s one more way we put people and our planet first.

A is for Acetate.

Derived from organic cotton fibers, Acetate brings our eyewear designs to life. Our acetate fronts and temple parts are each cut from a single block of premium cellulose acetate. Our designers curate the very finest acetate from highly skilled artisans in Italy and China. Each block is selected for its strength, color, and finish. The material’s transparency allows us to create attractive styles and effects. Combined with an underlying metal frame, it also offers hybrid forms which highlight the eyewear shape. It delivers more comfort: ic! berlin coats metal temple endings with acetate for a smoother wearing experience.

Intelligent design.

Progressive form. Innovative function. New materials and hybrids. Everything we create has a unique Berlin sensibility. We start with timeless, classic design. Then we add innovative solutions– like our signature no-screw hinge that revolutionized eyewear. We strive to get the very most out of the materials we use. And we’re always looking ahead. New frame shapes. Ring design and color accents that enhance frame details. Innovative manufacturing techniques. ic! berlin is always pushing new boundaries.

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